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Seaweed Salad And Condiment

Seaweed is a healthy replacement for salt.

Soak the seaweed pieces in cold or warm water for 8 minutes

The pieces will increase in size

Use one heaped teaspoon per person for a generous portion.

A wonderful addition to salad or warm vegetables.

Seagreens® Seaweed Salad
and Condiment

Seagreens® unique dual purpose seaweed Salad and Condiment is a natural health product which can be soaked in water for 8 minutes and used as an accompaniment to salad or warm vegetables, or easily dry ground in any domestic salt or pepper mill.

The 100% wild Arctic wrack seaweed pieces used in this natural health product are harvested in remote arctic conservation islands several miles off the Norwegian coast. The waters are pure, clear and iced over for much of the year.

Seagreens® natural health products contain only fresh living organic wild ' channel wrack' seaweed which is

Seaweed is very versatile and is an excellent culinary ingredient as well as possessing potent medicinal properties.

seaweed Table and Condiment is a low sodium food and is a natural nutritional supplement. It has no dominant taste of its own but enriches the flavours of the food it is put with. Some people say it adds a "nutty vegetable" taste.

With endless possibilities this healthy salt substitute provides the widest variety of nutrients and encourages alkaline digestion. It turns the most basic of meals into a veritable nutritional feast.

The large pieces of wild pelvetia seaweed can be dry milled in a table grinder or soaked in water for 8 minutes as a salad or warm vegetable It complements herbs and spices and is an ideal mineral balanced replacement for table salt. Try mixing with unrefined salt, herbs and spices - Delicious!

Use this natural vitamin supplement on seafood, crepes, potato fillings, pizza topping, cheese, baked beans, salami, celery, spinach, anchovies, olives, bacon and eggs, vegetables,pesto -infact this natural food can be used on anything

Seaweed lowers cholesterol naturally and as Seagreens® seaweed Table and Condiment is low sodium and has only 1/11th the sodium found in salt, plus an ideal balance of all the other natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements so essential to our health, this natural health product, Nature's own nutritional vitamin supplement is a must in the kitchen.

High sodium diets are blamed for artery damage and high blood pressure but we need sodium to keep our bodies functioning properly. Some artificial salts on the market claim a low sodium content but have high potassium levels which throws the body out of balance.


Lo-Salt - 13% Sodium, 66% Potassium, 0.6% Magnesium, 0% Calcium

Solo - 16% Sodium, 41% Potassium, 17% Magnesium, 0% Calcium

Saxa Table Salt - 39% Sodium, 0% Potassium, 0% Magnesium, 0% Calcium

Ruthmol - 0.1% Sodium, 24% Potassium, 0% Magnesium, 0% Calcium

Seagreens ®- 3.5% Sodium, 2.5% Potassium, 0.7% Magnesium, 2% Calcium

You can't beat nature and the sodium in Seagreens® natural health products is naturally occurring. It nourishes the body, provides a vital nutrient, helps protect arteries and lowers blood pressure as well as aiding alkaline digestion. Seagreens® natural health products containall the balanced vitamins, minerals, nutrients and trace elements our bodies need for optimum nutrition including all the B vitamin complex.

"Seaweed greatly increases the nutritional value of all food prepared with it.... substitutes well for salt....excellent added to beans as the minerals help to balance the protein and oils and increase digestibility. Sea plants contain 10 - 20 times the minerals of land plants and an abundance of vitamins and other elements necessary for man's metabolism. Some actually remove toxic metal wastes from the body"
- Healing with Whole Foods - Oriental Traditions and Modern Nutrition - Paul Pitchford -North Atlantic Books

Seagreens® nutrient rich natural health products

Endorsed and used by professional bodies

Certified to Soil Association Organic Standards
Approved by British Vegan and Coeliac Societies
Recommended by ION and BANT Nutritionalists, CNM Naturopaths,
NIMH Medical Herbalists and NHS Dieticians


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