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Seagreens® Food Granules

Seagreens® Seaweed Food Granules are an alternative and cheaper way to enjoy the same nutrient rich seaweed included in the natural health product food capsules. 1/4 teaspoon in or on most foods is the equivalent of the contents of one Seagreens® Seaweed Food Capsule. Can be used in baby weaning from 6 months.


A special mixture of wild seaweeds to help build and sustain the broad nutritional balance of natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients on which optimum health and vitality depend.

Seagreens® natural health products - the ideal natural food foundation for your daily diet.


natural health product
alternative to formulated nutritional supplements

Naturally Improves Metabolism

See full details on Seagreens® Wild Seaweed
Food Capsules And Granules page


In order to achieve optimum nutritional benefits from seaweed natural health products, long term daily dietary inclusion is recommended. For the general population the recommended daily intake of this natural food is 1/2
teaspoon Seagreens® granules on a permanent basis.

This natural health product , the alternative to formulated nutritional
supplements, should be taken with meals either in the morning or split throughout the day.

If a person takes regular physical exertion (competitive athletes), is pregnant or breastfeeding, recuperating from an illness, has compromised health or immunity issues or is undergoing a specific treatment, the quantity of this natural health product can be increased up to 1 teaspoon Seagreens® nutritional vitamin supplement granules for relatively short periods (eg. the duration of the pregnancy, or the duration of intense athletic training)

For heavy metals and radiation detoxification, the natural health product can be increased up to 1 1/2 teaspoons Seagreens ® natural vitamin supplement granules for at least 8 weeks, and thereafter 1/2 teaspoon daily for up to 24 months.

Experience has shown that genuine change and improvement accrues from long term daily consumption of Seagreens® natural health product, Nature's own natural nutritional supplement, rather than high intake.

Seagreens® wild seaweed food granules natural health product source of natural whole food vitamins alternative to formulated nutritional supplements light weight, dark green recyclable plastic jars.