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Seaweed - The Healthy Option

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“Modern science confirms seaweed as one of Nature’s all-round pharmaceutical miracles that can accomplish everything from warding off and treating several types of cancer, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, thinning the blood, preventing ulcers , killing bacteria, even curing constipation” – Jean Carper – The Food Pharmacy

What do you think about seaweed?

Most people associate it with an image of a smelly, green or brown, unpalatable tough weed washed up on a shoreline somewhere, or maybe it’s that crispy .dried stuff you get in sushi bars or Japanese and Chinese restaurants.

 Very few people realise the health benefits of seaweed and just how versatile seaweed really is., though.

Described as “perfectly balanced natural food” certain seaweeds, like certain land plants have been used for centuries by different cultures for medicinal and nutritional purposes, fertilisers and even to awaken sexual desire.

It’s not just the Japanese who’ve discovered the health benefits from daily consumption of seaweed either,  as there are reports of people living high in the Andes consuming it on a regular basis, though how they got it up there, I’ve no idea.

Both cultures are renowned for their hardiness but just why is this natural vitamin supplement so good for us?

The answer is the ocean.

For millions of years minerals and nutrients have been draining from the land into the sea and it is more or less a constant chemical medium. The ocean contains the same minerals and trace elements as human blood and these are integrated into the living tissue of seaweed.

As the seaweed is organic (easily broken down) and the natural vitamins, foundation minerals and vital nutrients are in such an assimilable form, this wonderful sea vegetable is of huge nutritional benefit and really is a natural whole food vitamin supplement.

For example, it’s estimated that certain seaweeds are up to 30 times higher in minerals than land food, which is affected by depleted nutrient levels in our soils.

Many people are understandably concerned about consuming produce from the oceans these days because of media reports of pollution, but this issue is widely misunderstood.

Generally the ocean is a far less polluted growing medium than land soil especially farm soil because of the widespread use of pesticides, insecticides and fertilisers as well as airborne industrial pollutants.

Some seaweeds, particularly certain varieties of wrack have been the subject of scientific study over many years in connection with specific medical conditions where they have been found not only to have therapeutic value, but are a powerful nutritional component in a wide range of treatments.

“Seaweed is the most nutritious form of vegetation on this planet…It contains almost the whole alphabet of nutrients” – Leslie Kenton – The New Raw Energy