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Seagreens® Culinary Ingredient

Available in two sizes - 75g and 200g

Seaweed is a perfectly balanced natural organic whole food.
"It is one of the best completely natural sources available
for important minerals including:

"Besides its mineral wealth, seaweed is an excellent source of protein, particularly for vegetarians and an effective detoxifier" - The Times, 25th October, 2003

Seaweed Culinary Ingredient - a highly nutritious taste of the wild

Ready milled wild wrack seaweed grains for use in cooking or sprinkled on almost any raw or cooked food brings out natural flavours and significantly broadens nutritional profile. Especially useful in some of the children's often nutritionally limited favourites!

Seagreens® Culinary Ingredient

Seaweed is very versatile, is an excellent culinary ingredient as well as possessing potent medical properties. It contains all the minerals and trace elements our body requires in the most assimilable form.

Seagreens® is a natural health product and its unique nutrient rich seaweed in their easily absorbed format,aid acid alkaline balance as they feed our cells and tissues with vital nutrition.

Seagreens® seaweed culinary ingredient is a natural health product which both enhances your food and improves your health - two benefits for the same price!

Seaweed has health benefits for any diet and has the most complete nutrient profile of any
natural food. It also aids alkaline digestion making Seagreens® natural health products an incredible seaweed supplement.

Seagreens® Culinary Ingredient can be used as a salt substitute when cooking, baking or preparing food. It has no dominant flavour but brings out and enhances the flavours of the food it is mixed with whilst adding nutritional value at the same time. It is particularly beneficial to vegetarian and vegan diets and specifically in low salt diets.
Seagreens® nutrient rich seaweed granules in:

The unique seaweed in Seagreens® Culinary Ingredient contains only natural sodium which is essential in keeping our bodies functioning properly. Too much sodium in our diet can be bad for our blood pressure particularly when most salt contains sodium chloride and other additives which are thought to be responsible for artery damage. It also increases the risks of osteoporosis, cancer of the stomach and asthma.You can use up to 4 times the amount of Seagreens ® seaweed Culinary Ingredient compared to normal salt (depending on personal taste) because the sodium in these seaweed natural vitamin supplements is:

Seagreens® are natural health products and their seaweed Culinary Ingredient is particularly beneficial to children who tend to eat a limited range of foods like pizza, baked beans and French fries, as a sprinkle of these granules turns them into highly nutritious "whole" foods. Just one teaspoon of these natural vitamin, mineral and nutrient packed seaweed granules added to a can of baked beans provides virtually every nutrient, aids absorption and digestion as well as reducing flatulence!

The seaweed in Seagreens® natural health products contains:

. virtually all the minerals and trace elements our bodies need
. 15 vitamins including the antioxidants and vitamin B complex
. complete range of amino acids.

Very low in fat and sodium (typically 3.5% against 40% in salt) they contain useful fibre in the form of polysaccharides. Seagreens® natural health products are nutrient rich organic whole food for optimum nutrition and health.

Seagreens® nutrition rich natural health products help:

Natural Detox

"In the last 50 years, runner beans have lost 100% of their sodium, watercress 90%
of its copper, broccoli 75% of its calcium and levels of other important minerals including magnesium, iron, phosphorus and potassium have also plummeted"
- The Daily Mail, March 2001

It's no wonder our health is suffering!


Certified to Soil Association Organic Standards
Approved by Vegan and Coeliac Societies
Recommended by ION and BANT Nutritionalists, CNM Naturopaths, NIMH Medicinal Herbalists and NHS Dieticians
Approved by the British Society for Mercury-Free Dentistry


The seaweed used in Seagreens® natural health products is traditionally harvested in the pure, clean, cold turbulent waters among remote conservation islands off the Arctic coast of Norway where the water is carefully monitored for pollution. Harvested between June and August, only mature, wild, living plants are cut and processed within hours ensuring optimum vitamin, mineral and nutrient content.

No mechanically dredged,floating, storm-cast or "root" seaweed is used. Only the best seaweed is good enough for
Seagreens® natural health products and their harvesting is carefully rotated to ensure sustainablity with no harm to the plants or the surrounding marine environment.


Superlative soups: Sprinkle into soups especially containing broccoli, spinach, cheese,                                                   chicken, seafood, carrot, nuts, beans, lentils or tomato. (Deepens                                             flavour, aids digestion, broadens nutritional profile)

Scrumptious Eggs: Sprinkle on eggs and omeletted before whisking

Stir Frys, Soya, Salads, Miso: complements these foods

Lower cholesterol: Sprinkle on favourite foods like peanut butter - provides a natural                                              cholesterol neutralizer

Metabolise carbohydrate: Use 1/2 teaspoon per person in pastas, risottos, with breads and potatoes. Aids digestion and helps prevent the formation of acids from stored carbohydrate