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ABOUT US was set up in 2005 because someone once said sharing knowledge makes you immortal and I'd like to share some of what I've learned since my son developed autism and I got mercury poisoning from my dental amalgams. We are surrounded by toxic chemicals and if you are at all concerned about your health you need to look after your digestive system. Three things you need to do are -

The natural health products at are aimed at optimum nutrition.

Nature's own multivitamin source - seaweed

Full of goodness.

® provide a complete natural nutritional supplement and have long term health benefits too.

® are different from formulated nutritional supplements which do not have the same breadth or natural balance as these seaweed natural vitamins.

® are nutritionally complete - a perfectly balanced whole food helping the general population get back the nutrients missing from depleted soils and processed foods.

® is Nature's own multivitamin and is beneficial for the following