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Why Ingredients in Cosmetics and Skin Care Products are important

-by Jean Shaw© - All Rights reserved

Chemicals and toxins are everywhere and often we don’t realise it. Until I suffered from mercury poisoning caused by my dental amalgam fillings I had no idea that the second most toxic substance on the planet was inside my mouth!

That shocking revelation led me to investigate further why my son has autism and I am convinced it is due to the toxic preservatives used in childhood vaccines. What insanity allows people to knowingly inject thimerosal (a mercury derivative), aluminium and formaldehyde (both toxic substances) into seemingly healthy young children when their immune system is only just developing?

Both of us have improved tremendously since SAFELY chelating for heavy metals but have been left questioning if the products we are offered every day are actually as beneficial as we are led to believe.

Inevitably our health is linked life style choices and some areas we can control. I find it amazing that over 85,000 synthetic chemicals have been approved by the Environment Protection Agency but not tested for long-term health effects either individually or in combination. Many of them are found in your bathroom.

I used to be a sun worshipper but now realise the healthiest tan is no tan at all. Skin cancer is caused by excessive exposure to intense sunlight and the the sun’s A,B and C rays The effects of the latter are largely unknown, but the B rays cause sunburn on the surface of the skin. The A rays penetrate deeper and damage cells way below the surface. This can lead to wrinkling, a leather-like texture and the potential to develop skin cancer.

You can protect yourself from sun damage by limiting exposure, staying covered as much as possible and using a high quality NON-TOXIC lotion that blocks out the full spectrum of solar rays.

However, many over the counter sun block creams and lotions contain known carcinogens and toxic chemicals which build up over time and predispose sun bathers to melanoma. Health and beauty do not always go hand in glove.

Our skin is the largest eliminatory organ in the body. It is a two-way membrane. Toxins are eliminated through the skin via perspiration and absorbed through the skin, into the body's systemic circulation, through hair follicles and sebaceous glands (not through sweat glands). One square inch of skin contains 65 hairs, 100 sebaceous glands, and 650 sweat glands.

Cosmetic manufacturers are not supposed to claim their products penetrate your skin. If they did, the products would be labelled a 'drug' and governed by much stricter regulations. This means some cosmetic manufacturers use ingredients in their products which wouldn’t be allowed to be taken orally. They still get into our systems though.

Despite the known dangers associated with many of the ingredients in cosmetics, skin care and personal care products, manufacturers continue to use them. This is because they are inexpensive and can be used to create products with a look, feel and smell that can be marketed successfully at huge profits. Health is not an issue.

The list of potentially harmful ingredients is long. The best advice I could give you is to read the labels on your toothpaste, shampoo, moisturizer, deodorant and cosmetics. If you can’t pronounce them – don’t use them!

Of course the safest course of action is to seek out natural and organic products but even here you have to beware. Many unscrupulous manufacturers mislead their customers with false labels. The only way to ensure you get 100% synthetic chemical and toxic free products is to look for the recognized Certified Organic logos.


Jean Shaw is the author of I’m Not Naughty – I’m Autistic – Jodi’s Journey and Autism, Amalgam and Me – Jodi’s Journey Continues.