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Seagreens® Wild Seaweed
Food Capsules And Granules

Natural health product alternative to formulated nutritional supplements rich in natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients comes in light weight, dark green recyclable plastic jars

The ideal foundation for your daily diet

Optimum Nutrition For Life The Natural Way

A special mixture of wild seaweeds to help build and sustain the broad nutritional balance of vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients on which optimum health and vitality depend. Seagreens®- natural health products are the ideal foundation for your daily diet.


Toxins, Detoxification, Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrients, Health Supplements, Nutritional Supplements - all familiar words in our daily vocabulary which highlight the vital importance of diet in health.

The nutritional balance in our over-used soil is badly disturbed and modern farming and food processing worsens this imbalance.  Seagreens® seaweed natural health products contain a comprehensive balance of all the nutrients including essential micronutrients missing in land grown foods. Combined with a sensible diet the seaweed in Seagreens® natural health products provide the optimum nutrition our bodies need for long term vitality and health.

Optimum nutrition from one of Nature's oldest
natural multivitamins


Suitable for PETS too!

Seagreens ® Culinary Ingredient

Seagreens® Everyday Iodine Capsules

Seagreens® Seaweed Table Condiment and Salad

Seagreens® Wild Seaweed Food Capsules

Seagreens® Wild Seaweed Food Granules

Seagreens® Health Products

Seagreens® Skin Care Products

"Over the last 50 years runner beans have lost 100% of their sodium, watercress 90% of its copper and broccoli 75% of its calcium. Levels of other important minerals including magnesium, iron, phosphorus and potassium have also plummeted"- Daily Mail, 2001

"In the 51 years from 1940 to 1991, farmed meat lost 41% of its calcium and 54% of its iron, while vegetables lost an average 50% calcium, 25% iron and magnesium, 76% copper and 59% zinc" - D Thomas, Research compilation for Overfed and Undernourished - London Conference on Obesity, April 2005

Although we manufacture many nutrients internally we have to rely on our diet to provide the rest, including minerals and many vitamins. Even "balanced diet" which includes a wide variety of foods may still lack the broad range of nutrients required for optimum nutrition on a daily basis.

Our bodies are very complex and the balance of vital nutrients delicate. Millions of daily biochemical reactions depend on this balance which affects the whole body.

Detoxification, digestion, elimination, emotion, energy, growth, immunity, metabolism and vitality are all affected and it's not surprising that the word vitamin is derived from “vita” meaning life. Just one single component can affect the balance but seaweed contained in Seagreens® natural health products contains all the vitamins including the entire range of vitamin B

Often the best things come in

small packages

This is particularly true of Seagreens® natural health

products which is an ideal source of nutrients in any diet.

Even people who have certain foods allergies and intolerance,

health condition or simply avoid certain foods because of mere

 preference can benefit from the seaweed nutrition provided

by these balanced nutrient rich natural wholefood vitamins.

Vegan diets in particular where meat and dairy are avoided get the full amino acid content of meat protein and the entire vitamin B complex including B12. This important vitamin is necessary for making red blood cells to give us energy and for a healthy nervous system, but all the B vitamins work as a team so it is important to ensure you obtain all of them on a daily basis if you want to look after your skin, hair and eyes and don't want to be tired or depressed.

Folic acid which is particularly important during pregnancy lowers the risk of heart disease and allows us to metabolise carbohydrates.

Vitamin C is a major anti-oxidant as well as protecting the cardiovascular system, stimulating immune response, forming collagen, maintaining healthy blood vessels and healing wounds.

You need Vitamin D for normal bone formation and to utilise calcium and phosphorous and a lack of it can lead to a risk of osteoporosis.

Vitamin E is a very important anti-oxidant and helps protect against cancer and cardiovascular disease as it is also an anti-coagulant.

Then there is Vitamin A which is required for healthy skin and night vision although too much can be toxic.

Vitamin K which allows the blood to clot when necessary.

Yes, balanced vitamins are essential for optimum health and Seagreens® unique nutrient rich seaweed natural health products are an ideal source of natural vitamins.

Many people resort to formulated health supplements found on our supermarket shelves but why use artificial multivitamins when you can have the real thing?

Nature knows best and has provided us with a quality natural whole food packed with nutrients which won't upset the fine balance of our bodies.

Nutritional supplements need to be carefully tailored to individuals as they don't normally suit everyone. Unbalanced multinutrients aren't always of benefit - too much iron makes people constipated, too much copper and you can't absorb zinc, etc., and if your body can't utilise minerals and vitamins your health suffers as well as your purse.

         Sometimes for optimum health and nutrition purposes less is more!

Seagreens® natural health products unique blend of wild harvested seaweeds provides a comprehensive balance of nutrients from the ocean. Packed with natural vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients , these seaweed natural health products contain all the micronutrients we need to aid long term health.

Taken on a daily basis they contribute to the complex nutritional balance on which our bodies depend and help us to make the best use of other foods eaten during the day. Not only do these nutritional wonders boost the metabolism of food but help protect against unwanted toxins.


Certain varieties of seaweed have been used by different cultures for centuries as food, medicine and fertilisers. Their versatility and health benefits are amazing.


"Seaweed is one of the best completely natural sources available for important minerals including iron (helpful in the formation of red blood cells); zinc (a powerful antioxidant); potassium (useful in keeping blood pressure under control) and magnesium (essential for healthy muscle and nerve functioning) .....Besides its mineral wealth, seaweed is an excellent source of protein, particularly for vegetarians and an effective detoxifier" - The Times, 25th October 2003

Seagreens® natural health products........"one of two best detox aids on the high street" as reviewed by Proof Magazine - Emma Mitchell, The Guardian Weekend, 7th June 2005



"Modern science confirms seaweed as one of Nature's all-round pharmaceutical miracles that can accomplish everything from warding off and treating several types of cancer, lowering blood cholesterol and blood pressure, thinning the blood, preventing ulcers, killing bacteria, even curing constipation" J Carper, The Food Pharmacy, Simon & Schuster, London 1989

Many people are understandably concerned about ocean pollution and the safety of products originating from them. The seaweed in Seagreens® natural health products grows wild in some of the world's cleanest and most carefully monitored waters. They contain special polysaccharides proven to bind and remove pollutants including heavy metals and even strontium from the body in the safest possible way by turning them into insoluble salts which are excreted.

"Even off Britain's coastal nuclear processing plant at Sellafield you would have to eat a vast amount of seaweed before your level of radioactive intake became of serious concern. Even then, the alginic acid in the seaweed would prevent you from absorbing the active metals in your body" - Marine Biologist S. Surey-Gent, Seaweed, Whittet Books 2000

Seagreens® production is CERTIFIED in Norway and the UK to the highest standards for use in organic and biodynamic foods.

ENDORSED and USED by professional bodies

Entirely COMPATIBLE with other vitamin supplements and medicines.