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Humet®-R - Natural Detox for

Heavy Metals and Multimineral Supplement

We live in a toxic, chemical world
and Humet®-R is a wonderful ally.

I was so relieved and thankful to be
introduced to this amazing product
which provides a safe and easy way
to remove Toxic heavy metals such


Cadmium poisoning is mostly caused by smoking because tobacco leaves contain cadmium.
It is quickly absorbed by the lungs and chronic cadmium poisoning can result in lung and prostate cancer.

Cadmium also leaches out of our food wrapping as most plastic packaging depends on it.

Apart from Cancer, Cadmium is linked to:

In children - speech delay, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities,behaviour disorders, neurological and renal damage, stunted growth, anaemia, hearing loss,and coignitive damage.


Mercury is the second most dangerous metal on the planet after plutonium. It is a neurotoxin and is fat soluble which means it is stored in the body's fat, which includes the brain. Mercury poisoning occurs when small amounts of mercury in either vapour or fat soluble salts are ingested over a long period of time and the body is unable to excrete them.

Chronic mercury poisoning causes irreversible brain, liver and kidney damage.

There are many sources of mercury but primarily dental amalgam fillings, vaccines and predatory large fish such as tuna and swordfish.

Also for
ALUMINIUM which although not a heavy metal does have an effect on our health and is frequently ingested through


Regrettably Humet®-R is no longer available. (2014).

However, you can purchase a similar product  called Heavy Metal Detox from

The product contains the same Humifulvate® as in Humet®-R and the same minerals. Here’s what the company have to say about the product -

"Enerex Heavy Metal Detox with Humifulvate(R) has been dubbed The Daily Defender for its ability to safely facilitate the release of heavy metals and environmental toxins such as lead, cadmium and mercury from the body on a daily basis or in acute situations.

This powerful humic and fulvic acid daily cleansing agent is coupled with detoxifying minerals and raw kale to maximise the effects and offer powerful trace minerals."

  If you live in UK you can get the Heavy Metal Detox here -