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 blood pressure, heart disease are all familiar medical conditions in our modern society and a link has often been made to high salt intake.

Seagreens® natural wholefood vitamins reduce cholesterol largely due to the neutralizing action of their unique range of polysaccharides, and act as an antidote to excess sodium consumption.

Arctic wrack seaweed has been found to reduce cholesterol in eggs and its comprehensive mineral content to have a balancing effect on blood and plasma. It is one of Nature's best natural multivitamins. So-called low sodium artificial salts like Solo and LoSalt still contain 16% and 13% sodium respectively and have increased potassium (41% and 66%) which, for those with cardiovascular or kidney problems, can be equally dangerous.

In 1986 scientists found that when stroke prone rats were overfed salt, only those also fed seaweed powder avoided strokes the seaweed was an antidote to excess sodium consumption (11)

® natural health product in granulated form is ideal for use as a culinary ingredient and table condiment.  Seagreens® natural health product has only 3.5% sodium compared to 40% in table salts and the sodium is in balance with the other mineral salts potassium, magnesium, calcium, etc closely resembling their ideal balance in human cells

Unlike salt, which directly impacts our taste buds, Seagreens® natural health product genuinely enriches other food by its broad balance of vital nutrients particularly its comprehensive range of amino acids and minerals and provides optimum nutrition.

Since most instances of high blood pressure not only involve arterial problems but are also closely related to excesses of the liver, very small amounts of whole salt ideally in the form of seaweed can help detoxify the liver, once poor quality and fatty foods are eliminated from the diet

® natural health product also provides a well-balanced supply of naturally chelated iron (575ug/g) valuable in the treatment of low blood pressure and the most important anion magnesium whose lack is proven causal in heart and circulation disease. It is, however, far more than a natural multivitamin.

One important health benefit of Wrack seaweed is that it has also been shown to lower high blood sugar, due to its natural combination of vital nutrients especially chromium which is active in blood sugar control and iodine which enhances metabolism.

® natural health products are very low in fat and provide one of Nature's best sources of natural vitamins