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Seagreens® natural health product is a powerful aid to regulating the metabolism because it :

· provides a unique food source of all the micronutrients that increase metabolism

· actively support for a healthy gut flora and condition of the gut wall, and deters bad

· improves the condition of the blood and cells and the circulation of the nutrients

The thyroid gland function directly affects metabolism and regulates many other bodily functions. It requires iodine to operate smoothly and seaweed is a rich iodine source. However, the thyroid and hormonal system need to be in balance so require other vital nutrients. Seagreens® natural health products are Natures most balanced multivitaminand a source of all the nutrients including chelated stable iodine and related nutrients like selenium, which support the cells and endocrine glands.

Some of the nutrients most useful to our bodies become toxic and fattening when other vital nutrients needed to metabolise them are insufficient or missing. Modern diet can quickly deplete our nutritional balance and this can reveal itself in exhaustion, body weight, temperature, skin, hair, nails and the immune system.

The cause of obesity is inflammation at a cellular level and when they are out of balance these cells cannot work effectively. The body is literally
exploding and requires nutritional balance and better blood distribution. This is why optimum nutrition from a balanced diet and exercise is always recommended.

Vitamins and minerals are required to metabolise sugars and starches for the production of energy and help prevent them from turning into saturated fatty acids and hard fats. They include B complex vitamins and chromium, potassium, magnesium, manganese and iron  

In 1998-99 trials on females at the University of Pavia, Italy claimed significant reductions in hip and thigh measurements and subcutaneous fat together with increased blood flow to the epidermis in over 80% of the subjects.

Seaweeds are useful in weight-loss programmes and for lowering cholesterol and fat in the blood …………specifically rejuvenate the lungs and gastrointestinal tract …………….So concentrated in minerals that they are normally used in recipes for better utilisation of protein and all the other nutrients