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For many detoxification means the elimination of environmental toxins but some foods can be just as toxic if not metabolised properly. Improved metabolism helps regulate weight and energy, cleanse the blood and strengthen immunity.

®natural health product is a powerful aid to continuous detoxification because as well as being a natural nutritional supplement it contributes:

·a unique food source of all the micronutrients that improve metabolism

·support for a healthy gut flora and condition of the gut wall, and deters bad


·an alkalising influence in the bodys acid-alkaline balance

·a unique range of seaweed glyconutrients, which bind and expel pollutants

 including toxic minerals like lead and mercury

® natural health products are particularly useful in the detoxification of heavy metals as the combined action of their polysaccharides, amino acids and minerals effectively binds and removes them from the body.

For many years seaweed has been used as part of the protocol for detoxification in mercury amalgam extraction. Mercury remains the largest ingredient in amalgam dental fillings at around 50mg per filling, as much as a thermometer which is

a colossal amount of mercury in scientific terms …….a teenager with 6 amalgam fillings has 6 thermometers in her mouth

Seagreens® natural health products are tolerated by people requiring chelation for whom other drugs and natural binding agents cause adverse reactions. Detoxification of mercury can take many months and unlike some other seaweeds like common kelp, Seagreens® natural health product does not contain the excessive iodine which is an obstacle to prolonged daily use.

The late Dr Jack Levenson LDS, RCS(Edin) who was Dental Advisor to the Environmental Medicine Foundation and President of the British Society for Mercury-Free Dentistry made Seagreens® natural health products central to his mercury amalgam extraction protocol.

(See Mercury Information page)

In general terms wrack seaweed has been described by respected proponents of colon cleansing as
an excellent mucotropic herb to cleanse the lymphatic system specifically to help loosen, soften or dissolve hardened, stagnant or impacted mucoid in the body.  

Seagreens® natural health products contain all the important detoxification nutrients and was nominated one of the two best detox aids on the High Street by The Guardian , May 2005

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