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Frequently Asked Questions

With so many nutritional supplements available what makes Seagreens® seaweed natural health products so special?


Seagreens® natural health products are foundation foods with a far greater breadth and balance than other conventional nutritional supplements. Seagreens® is a complete natural whole food supplement with nothing added or extracted. Its purpose and effect is not to supplement known deficiencies, but to ensure a continuous supply of all the nutrients present in the body and enable consumers to utilise the nutrients they already have. Seagreens® natural health products can redress many of the causes of ill health starting with the digestive, immune and nutrient distribution systems.

The contents of Seagreens
®, the alternative to formulated nutritional supplements, come from a completely natural organic source. There are no additives or anything not organic which the body is unable to break down and utilise for optimum nutrition and health.

Our bodies cannot store vitamins and whilst we can manufacture some nutrients internally we have to rely on our diet for the rest. Taken on a daily basis Seagreens® nutrient rich seaweed natural health products,provide all the minerals and vitamins our bodies need. This ensures all the nutrients in a completely balanced format which enables us to make the best use of other foods eaten during the day. The micronutrients contained in Seagreens® seaweed natural health products not only aid the metabolism of food but make vital nutrients available which might otherwise pass unused through the body.

The special seaweed polysaccharides unique to Seagreens® natural health products are complete nutritional supplements known to assist the production of beneficial intestinal bacteria and the condition of the gut wall. They are considered to have "exceptional value" in natural Candida treatment which is caused by yeast overgrowth, and have immune enhancing, anti-viral and anti-microbial properties.

Rich in all the minerals, Seagreens® natural health products help regulate the blood and maintain the PH balance. The seaweed is a complete whole food vitamin source, is 75 times more alkalizing than apples and contains all the antioxidant vitamins and minerals to cleanse free radicals. The health benefits of seaweed are amazing.

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Many of the nutritional supplements available have much higher amounts of vitamins and minerals than Seagreens® seaweed natural health products - surely more is better?

Actually, No. Our bodies are very complex and unless you have a specific symptom or known deficiency it is important that you take nutritional supplements and multivitamins in a balanced format. Without sufficient balanced vitamins our bodies cannot properly utilise proteins in food, fats and carbohydrates which leads to health problems. Seagreens
® seaweed natural health products are a natural multinutrient whole food, NOT an artificially formulated nutritional supplement. The amounts of each nutrient are small as Nature intends food to be absorbed little and often rather than in large amounts.

Formulated nutritional supplements normally add to the amount of a particular nutrient or nutrients. They contain a relatively narrow range of nutrients, as the micronutrients in Seagreens
® natural health products cannot be formulated.

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What else is Seagreens® seaweed natural health products beneficial for?

Seagreens® nutrient rich seaweed natural health products can address the underlying nutritional causes of many health conditions. Their micronutrients aid digestion,immunity, cellular performance, the thyroid and the hormonal system. The special polysaccharides found in wrack seaweed, Nature's own natural multivitamin, have also been shown to cause the destruction of cancer cells by interrupting the progress of their DNA.

modern science confirms seaweed as one of Natures all-round pharmaceutical miracles that can accomplish everything from warding off and treating several types of cancer, lowering blood cholesterol and blood pressure, thinning the blood, preventing ulcers, killing bacteria, even curing constipation"

Seagreens® complete nutritional supplements are particularly useful during and after pregnancy especially throughout lactation because the exceptionally balanced nutritional profile of these natural health products provides optimum nutrition for recuperation. When used in animal food, Seagreens® natural health products improves the quality and quantity of milk.
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Should we be concerned about the safety of Seagreens® nutrient rich seaweed natural health products in view of media reports of ocean pollution?

® natural health products are nutritionally outstanding and if taken on a daily basis will greatly benefit your health. Seagreens® nutrient rich natural health products are exclusively wild Arctic wrack seaweeds,and Nature's own natural vitamin supplement is harvested and processed the same day. Only living mature plants found in the carefully monitored, icy, crystal clear, turbulent waters surrounding remote and sparsely populated conservation islands 50 miles off the Arctic coast of Norway are used in these unique products.


Seagreens® natural health products do not contain storm-cast, floating or root seaweeds or anything that has been left on the quay side for days. Harvested between June and August when there is 24 hour daylight, careful rotation ensures no harm to the plant stocks or the surrounding marine environment. Immediate warm air drying, special micronizing and milling technologies on site ensure purity and freshness of the seaweed in these nutrient rich, complete nutritional natural health products.

Arctic wrack seaweed is a scientifically proven natural defence to pollutants and contain special polysaccharides which bind pollutants and turn them into an insoluble salt which is excreted.

"Even off Britains coastal nuclear processing plant at Sellafield you would have to eat a vast amount of seaweed before your level of radioactive intake became of serious concern. Even then, the alginic acid in seaweed would prevent you from absorbing the active metals in your body" - Marine Biologist S.Surey-Gent, Seaweed, Whittet Books 2000

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How does Seagreens® seaweed natural health products compare to other superfoods such as wheat grass, barley grass, spirulina, blue-green, chlorella?

These popular superfoods are farmed on land, or in the case of the algae, in fresh-water and artificial lakes and water tanks. They are land foods and therefore there is a significant variation in the amounts of their different
nutrients depending on the source and the producer. The level of the minerals will differ widely from farm to farm, region to region and producer to producer. They are largely only as good as the water they are grown in.

The ocean however is a more or less stable nutritional soup and the balance of the nutrients in Seagreens® seaweed natural health products, show no variations or extremes. Seagreens® seaweed are wild harvested, not farmed, from entirely sustainable natural resources and is still the best foundational food and natural vitamin supplement available.

Wholly natural and outstandingly balanced Seagreens
® seaweed natural health products contain virtually all the different nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, etc.) in proportions remarkably similar to their relationship in the human body and are easily digested and utilised. They provide a wonderful natural alternative to formulated traditional supplements which normally add to the amount of a particular nutrient or number of nutrients.

Since their introduction in 1998 not a single case of intolerance or biological rejection has been recorded for Seagreens
® nutrient rich seaweed natural health products unlike other superfood formulas which blend different natural greens, herbs , etc. and there are often common intolerances.

Are there any known contra-indications for
® nutrient rich seaweed natural health products?

There are no known allergenic substances in Seagreens® seaweed natural health products and since their introduction in 1998 not a single case of intolerance or biological rejection has been recorded for one of Nature's natural vitamin supplements.
How does Seagreens® nutrient rich seaweed natural health products help heavy metal detoxification?

Wrack seaweed contains special polysaccharides, which effectively bind and remove heavy metals including mercury, lead, barium, cadmium and radium from the body. In trials they inhibited almost 90% of the bodys absorption of radioactive strontium, removed it from the gut by converting it into an excretable insoluble salt and also from body tissue and bone.

® nutritional natural health products are particularly useful as part of a safe natural detox protocol in mercury amalgam extraction as they are natural gentle chelators and have no known side effects.

Containing all the important detoxification nutrients Seagreens
® seaweed complete nutritional natural health products were nominated as one of the two best de-tox aids on the High Street by the Guardian in May 2005


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